Vending machine able to deliver high quality drinks, suitable for a wide variety of public vending sites. Its vandal-proof features avoid loss of money and expensive damage to the machine. It also has 2 back-lit photographic panels easy to replace with customized ones.

Payments Systems

  • Executive standard electronics compatible with all major coin mechs and cashless systems

User Interface

  • Metal selection pushbuttons
  • The upper part of the armoured panel can be perforated to fit a bill acceptor or a cashless system
  • Variable strength on tea and coffee
  • Variable sugar selection


  • Water tank
  • Kit to fasten the machine to the wall and to the floor.
  • Cabinet heater to optimize beverage temperature when ambient temperature is low
  • Lamp for the cup station
  • Nescafe
  • Nescafe με γάλα
  • Nescafe με γάλα Δυνατό
  • Nescafe Δυνατό
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Mochaccino
  • Σοκολάτα Ζεστή
  • Ζεστό Τσάι
  • Φραπέ
  • Φραπέ Δυνατό
  • Φραπέ με Γάλα
  • Φραπέ με Γάλα Δυνατό
  • Κρύο Τσάι
  • Φίλτρο μέτριος
  • Φίλτρο μέτριος με γάλα